Asbestos Surveying Software with TEAMS

Asbestos surveys within TEAMS are dealt with in a number of different ways, depending on the options that are required for the particular job in question.

Asbestos surveying with TEAMS Software

This includes the major different survey types as well as individual options for material assessment, priority assessment and extended management options. As well as these, surveys can be broken down into two further distinct types - standard surveys and reinspection surveys.


The TEAMS Sales module offers a dedicated sales section specifically designed to assist companies in handling their sales pipeline, from generating leads to finalising deals.

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The TEAMS system streamlines the appointment booking and scheduling process and enhances the efficiency of managing appointments and your clients site related data.

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Once ACMs have been identified, the reinspection functions  will enable ongoing condition assessments of the relevant materials for all management purposes.

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Large Scale Projects

The projects module of the TEAMS system simplifies the organisation, coordination, and scheduling of large-scale projects and their individual job appointments.

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Integrated Data Transfer

The TEAMS Surveying module is powered by the integrated data transfer to transfer job and site-specific information between your TEAMS system and surveyors' tablets.

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Collecting Data Onsite

The TEAMS surveying module provides a complete solution for all types of asbestos surveys, whilst conducting a survey, surveyors will collect all required data on their tablet, using either Android or IOS.

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Floorplan Designer

Included with TEAMS is a user friendly, custom designed floorplan designer for creating basic plans for survey reports, or import existing plans to add additional survey data.

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Generating Survey Reports

TEAMS provides consultancies the ability to automatically generate reports, combining all desktop information, survey data, lab results and completed plans into specifically designed templates.

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The invoicing module of the TEAMS system provides an intuitive and user-friendly system for tracking, editing, and issuing standard, proforma invoices and credit notes to your clients.

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Exporting Data

The TEAMS system offers a standardised approach for data to be collected through TEAMS, and then produce customised exports suitable for import into third-party systems.

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QR Codes

QR codes within TEAMS provides an efficient way to connect real-world items to live asbestos data, allowing users to quickly access and update information through the TEAMS client portal.

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Manage appointments, review reports and chase leads are just a few of many features. Take a look at the companion app page to learn more.

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