Surveying, Air Monitoring and Bulk Analysis Software

The TEAMS system offers various modules for managing asbestos-related tasks. Together, these modules provide a comprehensive system for asbestos consultancies.



The TEAMS system's surveying module provides a digital platform for conducting asbestos surveys and electronic report production.

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Air Monitoring

Air Monitoring

The Air Monitoring module of the TEAMS system enables air tests to be carried out electronically and air test certificates to be generated on-site.

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Bulk Sample Analysis

Sample Analysis

The Laboratory module of the TEAMS system enables analysts to electronically document fiber observations and generate sample certificates.

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What we offer
Standard Features

Works Offline

No internet connection required onsite. Work anywhere come rain or shine.

Data Import & Export

One button Sync

When your ready to sync, one tap sends completed work back, while also downloading new jobs.

Resource Planning

Mobile diary

Sync your favourite TEAMS apps, and take your appointments with you on the road.

Signature Capture

Signature Capture

Secure, timestamped signature capture available across all the TEAMS apps.

Photo Capture

Photo Capture

Fully integrated photo capture with built-in mark up controls.


Photo Annotation

Add arrows, highlights, symbols and more to your photo evidence.

Floorplan Designer

Floorplan Designer

Drag and drop rooms, samples and air test pumps straight onto your plans.


Hard working Apps

All TEAMS apps are purpose built and designed specifically for hard working field staff.

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Teams Enterprise Logo
Stand-alone Portal

The TEAMS Enterprise system offers a centralised asbestos management platform for organisations that employ third-party contractors to carry out asbestos surveys.

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