Asbestos Air Monitoring with TEAMS Software

The TEAMS Air Monitoring module is designed for on-site use, giving the analyst full view of all information needed to complete the work. The tablet screens will then allow the analyst to collect all data for each air test type(s) in accordance with HSG248 to produce the certificate on-site, once completed and checked.

Asbestos surveying with TEAMS Software

TEAMS software provides the complete start-to-finish solution for asbestos consultancies, from initial enquiries and quotations through to completed air test certificates. In this section, we will guide you through some of the key features of the TEAMS Air Monitoring module.

Customisable Data Collection

The TEAMS Air Monitoring module offers customisable question banks tailored for a range of air tests, allowing for efficient on-site data collection.

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Onsite Certificate Generation

The TEAMS Air Monitoring module has the function for quick and easy generation of customised, UKAS-compliant air test certificates on-site.

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Floorplan Designer

TEAMS includes a user friendly, custom designed floorplan designer, with the ability to create basic plans for air test certificates, or import existing plans to add additional air test data.

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Equipment Traceability

The TEAMS system provides comprehensive monitoring and documentation of all equipment used for each air test, as well as maintenance notifications for each piece of equipment.

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Multiple Photo Capture

The TEAMS Air Monitoring module facilitates capturing multiple, date and time-stamped photos during air tests and each stage of a 4-stage clearance.

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Signature Capture

The TEAMS Air Monitoring module supports date and time-stamped, electronic analyst and site-supervisor signature capture during each air test.

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Simultaneous Air Monitoring

Air tests such as 4-stage clearances, leaks and personals can all be run simultaneously via the TEAMS Air Monitoring module.

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The TEAMS system streamlines the appointment booking and scheduling process, and enhances the efficiency of managing appointments and your clients' site-related data.

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Manage appointments, review reports and chase leads are just a few of many features. Take a look at the companion app page to learn more.


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