Asbestos sample analysis with TEAMS Software

The TEAMS Laboratory module offers a simple and HSG248 compliant system for recording observations during the analysis of asbestos samples. In this section, we will guide you through some of the key features of the TEAMS Laboratory module.

Asbestos surveying with TEAMS Software

Asbestos sample jobs are dealt with in a few different ways with TEAMS. They can either come in as ad-hoc/walk-in jobs, come from asbestos surveys performed on the TEAMS app itself, or come in from another TEAMS consultancy via the TEAMS SampleExchange network.

Recording Sample Observations

Designed to follow the HSG248 guidance, the TEAMS Laboratory module provides analysts with a straightforward and user-friendly system to document and record fibre observations.

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Sample QC

As well as providing an overview of all samples analysed, the sample QC function of the TEAMS Laboratory module allows users to easily monitor, perform and review sample QC checks.

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Receiving Ad-hoc Samples

Walk-ins. Drop-offs. Ad-hocs.
Learn how TEAMS deals with these types of sample jobs.

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Receiving Survey Samples

If you are a lab and perform surveys yourselves, the processing of the samples is even easier once the work onsite is complete.

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TEAMS Sample Exchange

Built directly into TEAMS, the Sample Exchange network allows samples collected by one TEAMS consultancy to be electronically "checked out" to another TEAMS consultancy with a lab.

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Manage appointments, review reports and chase leads are just a few of many features. Take a look at the companion app page to learn more.


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