TEAMSV3 provides a REST API to allow 3rd party systems and developers to communicate with all the major areas of TEAMSV3 and its underlying data stores. The information below is not meant to be comprehensive, but just provide some initial knowledge useful for using the API.

General Usage

In general, the TEAMSV3 API provides programmatic access to the following areas: Sales, Scheduling, Jobs, Invoicing, Clients and Sites.

To use the REST API, an external application makes an request to the TEAMSV3 server and parses the response. Data exchange is provided in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format.

teams api diagram

Authentication and Authorization

TEAMSV3 generates JWT authentication tokens that permit access to the REST APIs. Clients obtain these token by supplying their valid credentials to the authentication endpoint.

Each time you make a REST API request, your authentication token must be supply in the request header.

Supported HTTP Methods

  • GET: retrieves the requested data
  • POST: creates the entity in the request adding it to the existing collection.
  • PUT: based on the existence of the entity, creates or updates the entity in the request.
  • DELETE: removes the requested data

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