Customisable Air Test Data Collection

The TEAMS Air Monitoring module enables onsite data collection for the measuring of airborne fibre concentration using an Android or iOS tablet. Consultancies can customise pre-defined question banks to allow analysts to efficiently record specific data using dropdown menus, keypads for numerical entries, and a custom on-screen keyboard with pre-set phrases for quick selection.

The module is designed in accordance with the HSG248 guidance, and performs calculations to determine the limit of quantification (LOQ), graticule areas to count, and fibre concentration. If enclosure dimensions are entered, the system can calculate the number of pumps required for the test.

The system also allows for the recording of individual pumps used, slide results, and it supports pooled air samples, field media blanks (FMB), and dirty slide functions.

This level of customisation coupled with the industry standard data collection TEAMS provides is then complimented by our bespoke report generation system. This allows the system to use your own company's air test certificate templates to produce your unique report styles. Find out more about onsite certification generation.


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