Collecting Data Onsite

Asbestos surveys within the TEAMS software can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each job, and there are different survey types available.

TEAMS offers various survey types, including Management Surveys, Refurbishment/Demolition Surveys, and Part-Refurbishment/Part-Demolition Surveys. All surveys collect material assessment details and follow the material assessment algorithm as outlined in the HSG264 guidance by default.

TEAMS also supports the function to collect priority assessment, which also follows the priority assessment algorithm as outlined in the HSG264 guidance, and management options for use in a client's management plan.

Reinspection Data Selection

For new asbestos surveys, a standard survey is performed using the TEAMS mobile app, which allows surveyors to capture the survey information digitally on-site using a tablet powered by Android or iOS.

When an existing site previously surveyed within TEAMS needs to be reinspected, a reinspection survey is performed. This option allows the previous survey data to be transferred back to the surveyor on-site and updated as required with any changes that may have occurred since the last inspection.

Overall, TEAMS allows for a more efficient and streamlined process for asbestos surveying, making it easier for asbestos consultancies to manage their workloads and deliver high-quality results to their clients.


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