Simon Wetherell

Software Development Director


My name is Simon and I am the Software Development Director here at TEAMS Software.

I cut my teeth here back in 2000 providing IT support for our clients.

In 2008, I led a new system we were designing for G&L Consultancy which would later become our flagship asbestos management product, TEAMS.

The journey with TEAMS from inception to were we are today being the market leading software is an incredible one, but in 2019 I took a step back to focus on the latest generation of software development frameworks, and in turn the next generation of software products for Mark One.

If you want to talk about web stuff, cross platform apps, API's, and cool new things to do with software, I'm your guy.

In a life outside of Mark One and IT, I live in the beautiful countryside with my beautiful wife, crazy kids and pesty dogs. I have an unhealthy passion for cars and a very understanding family who puts up with everything that I do.


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