Mark McLaughlin



I left school at 16 with aspirations to join the navy which didn’t work out and took a retail job at my local Tesco store. After 10 years in retail running many departments and learning my trades I wanted to be in charge of my own destiny – good or bad.

With the advent of the internet, I ventured out into my first business, an internet Café. With the support both financially and emotionally from my parent's, 'Global Surf & Shoot' was opened. It did not last long and showed me how much I didn’t know about business. After such a blow, it was difficult to think of what to do next, but with the guidance and encouragement from a great mentor Roger Fowler (who was the landlord for the internet café) I made the leap and Mark One was born.

Mark One Consultants started small, with just myself providing IT advice and support. As with most of the major decisions in my life, fate brought Simon to the business a year later, where our joint vision and optimism wasn’t diminished by working from a desk each and a workshop in a kitchen. Our motto of “if you’re not moving forward then you’re moving backwards” is how we have grown - not just a business level but also a personal level.

The journey has been unforgettable and I have had the remarkable pleasure of watching Mark One Consultants grow from humble beginnings to supporting so many businesses. I have the pleasure of working with loyal staff, many of whom are family and friends and together we have truly built the business to the strength that we are today.


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