Asbestos Air Monitoring with TEAMS: More Productivity, No More Paperwork

Released On 7th Jun 2022

Asbestos Air Monitoring with TEAMS: More Productivity, No More Paperwork

TEAMS is designed for onsite use, recording everything required to produce the air test certificate once the tests are complete. With specially designed screens, large input buttons and a vast selection of asbestos air monitoring specific functions, fast and accurate data collection is at your fingertips.

TEAMS Air Monitoring includes built-in software and reports allowing the following air tests to be carried out onsite:

  • Background monitoring
  • DCU Clearance
  • Leak Test
  • Personal Monitoring
  • Reassurance
  • Smoke Test
  • 4 Stage Clearance
  • Visual Inspection

Key Features of Air Testing

Run multiple air tests simultaneously

On-site staff can quickly and easily switch between multiple air tests running simultaneously using the informative and specifically designed screens on TEAMS Air Monitoring.

Equipment traceability

Equipment tracking and traceability is a huge part of TEAMS and an important part of the on-site air testing experience. As a test is started on-site, the equipment list is presented on-screen to the user’s mobile unit with their own assigned equipment already pre-loaded. A few simple clicks assigns the specific kit to that active test and records it accordingly.

Calibration date reminders, along with temperature and pressure at calibration for flow meters, are just a few of the extra features of the equipment system.

Mobile floor plan designer

The on-screen floor-plan designer allows on-site staff to quickly and easily create informative layouts, including adding annotation for sampling locations and references.

Imports and exports for existing or client-supplied plans is included, along with tools to calculate enclosure areas and volumes.

On-site data collection

Setting up pumps and collecting specific site information for sampling is performed on the TEAMS Air Monitoring screens. Any number of pumps can be set up on a test, and later revisited as the tests progress to add information and results. TEAMS Air Monitoring has full support for pooled air samples as well as integrated support for field media blanks (FMB).

Once a pump is added, information can then be entered against it during the progress of the test. Based on information entered, TEAMS Air Monitoring can assist and suggest with calculations including graticule areas to count, concentration, limit of quantification as well as the reported result. Dirty slide functions as well as sample specific temperatures can also be used.

Multiple photo capture with captions

The ability to take photographic evidence during air monitoring tests is now an important requirement for most consultancies, and TEAMS Air Monitoring gives you this ability out of the box. The ability to add captions to their photos is also available, along with the ability to pre-load captions onto photo placeholders to offer guidance to the analysts on-site.

Signature capture

On-screen capture of analyst as well as site supervisor signatures is a fully integrated part of TEAMS Air Monitoring and is used throughout the air testing experience. All signatures are both time- and date-stamped for extra integrity and tracking purposes.

On-site air test certificate generation

Once tests have been performed and signatures captured, the mobile system collates all the data and using individually created, company bespoke templates, the mobile device produces a full PDF report on-screen within seconds. This is then available to print via a local printer or email directly from the mobile device or from the office once transferred.

Data transfer

TEAMS Air Monitoring includes an integrated data transfer service which not only sends completed air test reports back to the office, but also simultaneously downloads any new appointments for the analyst, all at the click of a button.

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