Hollie McLaughlin

Internal Business Development


My name is Hollie and I’m the Internal Business Development Manager here at TEAMS Software.

In December 2017 I heard Mark One was looking for new people to recruit and desiring a change of scenery from my Accounting role I agreed to give it a go.

I began on the TEAMS Support team and was thrown into the world of TEAMS; with an affinity for learning, an abundance of help from various members of the company and a never-ending pool of questions I was able to find my feet and hop to wherever I was needed most at the time.

The latest need found me in the position of TEAMS Support Manager. From taking up the role I’ve been dedicated to making our support experience as streamlined & helpful as possible for all involved.

Despite the illusion I give that I’m always working, I’m not, and spend my spare time teaching new tricks to my spaniel Boomer (named after my favourite Battlestar Galactica character not the internet meme!), drinking more pots of tea than can be good for me and reading any book I can get my hands on.

Most recently I’ve started learning C# and ASP.NET to expand my knowledge with the hope that I may one day stop asking so many questions!


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