Portal Activity Logging & Auditing

The TEAMS client portal includes many features designed for consultants to provide their clients with access to their asbestos data via a structured and user-friendly interface.

One such feature is Portal Activity Logging and Auditing.

The activity logging and auditing feature records exactly which specific rooms and items have been viewed, as well as which PDF reports have been accessed. This provides an even more granular level of information for users.

By interrogating the activity log, your clients can verify if anyone due to visit the site has accessed the relevant asbestos reports and take appropriate action if necessary. For example, if a contractor has not accessed the required reports, the client can ensure that the contractor reviews the reports before commencing work on the site.

The activity tracking feature is a valuable tool for your clients and their sub-contractors to monitor and manage their site staff's interactions with the portal and ensure that all necessary information is accessed and reviewed before site work commences.


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