Remote data picking now available for TEAMS Enterprise

Released On 7th Dec 2023

Remote data picking now available for TEAMS Enterprise

Updating and reinspecting asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) just got easier with the TEAMS Enterprise linked data-picker. When booking a TEAMS Enterprise-linked site for reinspection, the system will automatically retrieve the previous site information from the TEAMS Enterprise server for the Consultancy scheduler to access. They can then swiftly and efficiently select which areas and items should be reinspected by the surveyors.

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Data Protection

As the historical data is being retrieved from the TEAMS Enterprise client, we’ve implemented an authentication process for the Consultancy scheduler to log into to gain access to the data for selection. The specific set of login details required are provided on set-up of the TEAMS Enterprise link between the two systems, and can only be used to access this data on the Consultancy.

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Selecting on the data you need

Once the reinspection appointment has been booked, the consultancy scheduler can select the areas and items available to the surveyors within the new TEAMS Enterprise linked data-picker. Once the relevant data has been selected and saved, the appointment can be downloaded onto the surveyor’s tablet and will appear in the mobile diary screen.

From here, the historical data selected at the appointment stage can be downloaded onto the surveyor’s tablet ready to be added and reinspected as always.

Don’t want to pick? No problem.

For those clients who do not wish to select the data upfront, and who prefer leaving this to the discretion of the surveyors whilst on-site, simply not selecting the option to send previous data within the appointment will allow the surveyors the ability to download all historical areas and items from the TEAMS Enterprise client.


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