Introducing Site Console

Released On 15th Mar 2024

Introducing Site Console

Managing the never-ending list of sites and their asbestos data is now simpler than ever with the TEAMS Site Console. We have gathered together all the handy, quick-action Site tools that clients currently enjoy within TEAMS and TEAMS Portal, and added more visibility and control to create the Site Console.

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Master Site Overview

The Site Console starts with three options for quick navigation through the site, By Risk, By Recommended Action or By Location to help the user identify the specific items they need to review on site, without scrolling through all the site data.

With the inclusion of the risk colour-coding system specific to your company, and our new item risk summary, everything a user needs is contained in one handy location for quick check work.

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Data Archiving

As more and more data is collected on site we understand there are times that a data cleanse is required, or certain pieces of data are no longer required to be made available to those on site or on the portal. This is where data archiving comes into play.

We've extended data archiving within the Site Console and users will have the ability to archive any data that is no longer required, along with adding this back to the Site if this is ever required again, meaning no data is lost and not retrievable when undergoing the archiving process.

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Data Merging

In the interest of providing the surveyor the most current data available the Data Merge tool is ready to assist users with the ability to merge data together to ensure only the latest data structure is ready for on-site updates.

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Direct Data Editing

Exclusive to TEAMS Enterprise clients, we've introduced the ability to edit data directly in the Site Console without the need for excessive supplementary reports.

Across buildings, floors, rooms and items, the key pieces of data can now be amended and updated to keep the latest site data ready and available for the surveyor on site to download, and for portal visits to access.

How do I get Site Console?

Site Console is shipped exclusively with TEAMS V3. Contact us today to upgrade.


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