Gain control of all bookings with the Projects Diary in TEAMS V3

Released On 15th May 2024

Gain control of all bookings with the Projects Diary in TEAMS V3

Our new Projects Diary section of TEAMS V3 brings together all project bookings, projected legionella bookings and not yet booked project sites into one centralised location ready for you to organise, book, move or cancel as needed without the hassle of navigating between multiple projects and their bookings. Including the best scheduling tools within our TEAMS V3 diary: the traditional scheduler, the list scheduler and the visual scheduler, we've added specialised tools into the Project Diary to create a rapid workflow through project bookings. Let's take a closer look at these now:

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Projected Advanced Legionella Works:

We've taken our innovative projected appointment system and applied it to our new Projects Diary system. This will give you projected future appointments based on current data to allow you to make crucial decisions before bookings ever become an 'on the day' issue. Knowing this feature is crucial for long-term planning and resource management we've allowed you to glance into the future for all legionella projects in one go, now you can stay on top of your entire legionella services sector in one location.

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Surveying Projects:

We know that when booking works in the more information at your fingertips the better, with that in mind the new Projects Diary includes all the Surveying Project bookings as well. Users will now be able to see at a glance where all projects in the system are, make changes to any project booking in the system and book any project work in from the same location.

Not Yet Scheduled:

Included in the new Projects Diary is the 'Unscheduled Sites' widget that will list out all the sites in all the surveying and legionella projects that have yet to be booked so users have all the information they need to make informed booking decisions that are up to date without the need to navigate away into another section of the system. Not only do we provide this view but users can also book the sites directly from this widget, making a speedier process for all.

Projects Diary to Ad-Hoc Diary Navigation:

We know that when you are booking appointments you may need to move, amend or remove an already booked appointment whether that's in a project or an ad-hoc booking, to make this process as smooth as possible we've provided the ability for users to move between the Projects Diary and the ad-hoc Diary and back again by simply clicking an appointment stub of the type.

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