Exploring the Asbestos Projects Module in TEAMS: Streamlining Project Management

Released On 29th Jan 2024

Exploring the Asbestos Projects Module in TEAMS: Streamlining Project Management

In the dynamic realm of project management, having a comprehensive tool to organise, coordinate, and optimise workflows is essential. The TEAMS platform offers a dedicated Projects module designed to enhance asbestos project management efficiency.

Understanding the TEAMS Projects Module

The Projects module in TEAMS serves as a centralised hub for managing asbestos projects from inception to completion. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows project managers and team members to efficiently organise and track the various components of a project.

Key Features:

Project set-up and details

The Projects module allows users to set up individual asbestos projects, defining essential details such as project scope, objectives, timelines, and allocated resources. This central repository of project information facilitates a clear understanding of project requirements.

Appointment management

The module facilitates effortless scheduling and upkeep of individual job appointments within a project. Planners can efficiently allocate appointments to the relevant team members through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Additionally, they have a comprehensive view of all existing appointments for team members, further optimising the scheduling process.

Geo-location mapping

The module offers a geo-location map view, providing a visual representation of each appointment's address on a map. This feature assists planners in efficiently coordinating team schedules based on geographical locations, enhancing overall planning efficiency.

Benefits of TEAMS CRM Projects module

  1. Efficient planning and scheduling: The Projects module simplifies the organisation and scheduling of appointments, breaking down the project into manageable month views. Planners can allocate tasks to asbestos surveyors and effortlessly adjust schedules as needed.
  2. Streamlined workflow management: By offering a centralised platform to manage all project-related data and tasks, the module promotes a streamlined workflow. Team members can easily access project details, monitor progress, and collaborate effectively.
  3. Enhanced productivity and time savings: Automation features, such as bulk-scheduling, saves valuable time. Project managers can allocate more time to strategic decision-making and other critical project activities.
  4. Improved Geographical Coordination: The geo-location map view aids in optimising resource allocation by providing a visual understanding of appointment locations. Planners can make informed decisions to efficiently distribute tasks based on geographic proximity.

Want even more scheduling power?

The new diary in TEAMSV3 provides users with a much wider viewport of their staff and appointments, assisted with the different views shown above.

Large Scale Projects. This is useful for day-to-day bookings, but if you are more about bulk-booking project work with hundreds or even thousands of sites, TEAMS V3 Projects should be your next stop. See TEAMS Projects for details.

APIs. If you are already using a scheduling system and want to combine this with TEAMSV3, why not check out our API information and ask us about integration.

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