Why is TEAMS Enterprise different?

Large asset management platforms have dominated the asbestos data management space for many years, providing services such as space management, facilities management, and workflows, with asbestos being just one of their modules.

However, TEAMS Enterprise is different, as it is focused primarily on asbestos and aims to solve the asbestos data management issue once and for all.

TEAMS Enterprise builds on the mature and dependable TEAMS structure and its underlying framework, utilising over a decade's worth of industry experience and knowledge, and integrating industry-specific principles and best practices for data auditing.

How does TEAMS Enterprise works

There is a growing demand among end users to have greater control over their asbestos data. While this data must be collected, organised and verified by accredited and dependable asbestos contractors, many end users want to take ownership of the data once it is complete. However, they often lack a suitable system to store and manage it effectively.

This is where TEAMS Enterprise can help. Built on the TEAMS software platform, TEAMS Enterprise is specifically designed to receive, store, and share important asbestos data. It provides end users with a capable means to manage this valuable information securely and efficiently.

Scenario #1. The first survey

The asbestos contractor sets up the appointment, and the instruction to survey is dispatched to the surveyor on the field. The surveyor then collects survey data which is then sent back to the contractor for processing, where a final report is generated.


After the report is approved using TEAMS, the report, and the data behind it, is automatically transferred to the Enterprise server and stored. Users can access this information through the TEAMS portal feature.

Scenario #2. The reinspection

The appointment is set up by the consultancy, and the instruction to survey is sent to the surveyor in the field. The device retrieves data directly from the TEAMS Enterprise server where the data is stored. The survey is then conducted on-site using this existing data, being updated as required. The data is then transferred to the contractor for processing and approval.

After approval, the data is automatically returned to the Enterprise server, and all downloaded data is updated based on this latest visit.

What happens next?

With TEAMS Enterprise, your data is centrally stored, giving you control over it. This means that you can grant access to your own staff, departments, and contractors connected to the TEAMS network. This is particularly important when updating sites through reinspection programs or accepting new data for new surveys.

If your organisation works with multiple asbestos contractors at the same time, you can make sites and data accessible to all parties simultaneously, while easily tracking each job back to the original supplier.

Can I integrate with TEAMS Enterprise?

TEAMS has a proven track record of working with partners to ensure seamless data exchange between different systems, and TEAMS Enterprise makes this process even simpler.

We offer a range of APIs and web services to allow for the easy exchange of data between TEAMS Enterprise and existing third-party systems quickly and effortlessly. 

Additionally, we provide smart-links that can be embedded into your applications, enabling users to gain access to the correct level of information they need within the TEAMS Enterprise portal system, whether it's site, room, or item level. This method requires minimal coding and provides quick results in terms of data delivery to the end-user.

TL;DR - Summary

In essence, the main concept behind TEAMS Enterprise is simple; "Receive. Store. Share!".

The Enterprise platform is designed to RECEIVE data from asbestos contractors who undertake asbestos surveys on behalf of your organisation.

Once the survey is complete, the data is sent to the asbestos contractors' TEAMS system for collating and approval. On approval, the data and the report is transmitted automatically to your TEAMS Enterprise server where it is STORED safely and securely. You will receive a notification that the data for the site has arrived.

TEAMS Enterprise allows you to SHARE this data with your workforce, contractors, and anyone else you choose to share the information with. The data is immediately published to the TEAMS Enterprise portal system and is available for viewing and consumption.

If you're interested in integrating TEAMS Enterprise with your existing systems or applications, don't hesitate to contact us today.


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